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Rockwool Fireproof PanelsThe fire protection sandwich panel consists of a high density rock wool insulating core and metal coating in flat or profiled steel plate. Its fire reaction classification is A2s1d0. Put simply Rockwool won’t burn.


The individual fibres of Rockwool insulation are good conductors of heat on their own, but rolls and sheets of this insulation are highly efficient at blocking heat transfer. They are often used to prevent the spread of fire in buildings, in light of their extremely high melting point. Its fireproof nature means it can be used for many different applications.


Insulation: 135kg/m3 density rock wool, with A1 fire reaction classification.
Coating: Steel sheets, galvanised and pre lacquered polyester (25 microns) with a peelable protective film.
Other finishes: PVC, Stainless Steel and available in a variety of colours.

Glacier Coldrooms - Rockwool Fireproof Panels in Stainless, PVC or Coloured Coatings

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