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Coldroom sizes up to 20m x 20m x 6m

Glacier Coldrooms supplies a double male female system which is reinforced by stainless steel cam locks. Our cam locks have AISI 430 hook unlike polyamide hooks used commonly, the AISI 430 hook does not elongate and hence pulls the panels together ensuring a perfect seal.

The cam lock housing is made from high quality rigid PVC. The loops in the housing ensure a firm anchor in the foam, increasing considerably the pull out strength. Glacier Coldrooms panel joints are better by design, providing total insulation and impermeable joint, which results in important energy savings day after day.


The integrity of the joint between insulated panels determines the insulation properties of the cold room as a whole.
Glacier Coldrooms panels are joined using cam locks with stainless steel AISI430 hooks, which not only provide structural strength, but also pull and retain the panels together ensuring an excellent insulation as well as a perfect aesthetic.

This fastening system requires only 3/4th of a turn for a quick and perfectly aligned joint. Thanks to its easy assembly, a substantial reduction in site activities results in saving both, time and money.


Glacier Coldrooms uses a discontinuous process to manufacture insulated panels. This process gives us a number of advantages:
On one hand, flexibility in production allows to manufacture panels to size, thickness and other specific requirements of the customers.

This flexibility also brings an optimization of the production planning and machine utilization, enabling
to commit prompt answer and short delivery times.On the other hand, manufacturing in discontinuous form allows us to supply a totally finished panel, ready to be assembled at site.

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