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The recommended storage temperature for all fishery products in the UK is -30°C and this temperature has also been adopted throughout Europe. Spoilage by bacterial action in any practical sense is completely arrested at this temperature and the rate at which other undesirable changes proceed is greatly reduced. Some products can be stored safely at higher temperatures than the -30°C recommended providing storage is only for a short period.

Since it is not always possible to guarantee that a product will stay in storage no longer than originally intended, it is generally safer to use the lower recommended temperature.


The International Institute of Refrigeration recommends a storage temperature of -18°C for lean fish such as cod and haddock and -24°C for fatty species such as herring and mackerel. The code also recommends that for lean fish intended to be kept in cold storage for over a year, the storage temperature should be -30°C.

Cold store operators can seldom be sure to store only one species or type of fish, or to store it for a limited period only. Cold stores built for storage of fish should preferably be able to operate at -30°C but can be operated at a higher temperature if circumstances and relevant codes or recommendations allow.

Our typical fish storage solutions are between 0/+8 degrees and -18/-30 degrees.

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