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Blast Chillers/Shock Freezers

We understand that certain applications require specialist equipment so our team of specialists will help in ensuring that designing a solution will meet all of your requirements – our heavy duty units are built to last for many years to come.

Customers have the option to choose a multi-temperature or constant temperature room, which are customized to meet your testing and storage needs.

For the frozen food industry we supply blast cold/freezer rooms. These specialist rooms are intended to rapidly bring the temperature of foods down within certain time frames, freezing them extremely quickly to reduce the temperature of food products or fresh produce in order to reduce the metabolic processes significantly.

Blast chilling

+90° → +3°C All food cooked and left to cool slowly loses its finest qualities. Glacier blast chillers make it possible to lower the temperature at the core of foods that have just been cooked, down to +3°C. The speed of such process is essential since it allows a reduction in the bacterial proliferation that is particularly critical while food is at temperatures between +65°C and +10°C. The final result is the preservation of the quality, colour and fragrance of food.

Blast freezing

+90° → -18°C The blast freezing process is the best process to store food for many months. Glacier blast freezers, thanks to their powerful refrigeration system with an air temperature of -40°C, quickly lower the temperature at the core of food to -18°, thus avoiding the macrocrystallization and granting perfect and long-lasting preservation of all the original qualities of the food. After defrosting, there will be no loss of liquid, firmness or savour.

Blast chilling and blast freezing are the best natural systems to extend the shelf life and maintain the freshness of food. Quick chilling for higher quality, food safety and savings.

Reduction in bacterial growth Bacterial proliferation is very high when food is at a temperature of between+65°C and +10°C. Around +37°C the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes. The Glacier blast chiller allow to “cross” the range of hazardous temperatures quickly, taking the core of food to +3°C in less than 90 minutes. This reduces the quantity of bacteria in food after cooking to a minimum, improving its quality, longevity and safety.

Up to 30% time saved Thanks to the longer shelf life of blast-chilled food, it is possible to plan production better and prepare larger quantities of dishes and semi-processed foods in advance, without having to repeat the process every day. All this while always maintaining the highest quality of served foods.

Waste reduction – Blast chilling/freezing increases the shelf life of foods, allowing the operator to have more time to use the foods, thus greatly reducing waste.

Less weight loss After cooking – food releases moisture by evaporation. Blast chilling immediately after cooking stops evaporation, thereby reducing the loss of water and therefore weight. If the product is sold by weight, revenue can be increased by up to 7%.

Less dehydration – Blast chilling immediately stops the moisture in food from evaporating, thereby preventing dehydration. The fragrance and savour of foods is often linked to the right amount of moisture content in food.

Saving your purchases – Thanks to the use of the blast freezer, which allows the extension of frozen foods shelf life, keeping their original qualities unchanged, it is possible to purchase seasonal ingredients when they are less expensive.

Wider menu – The longer shelf life of blast chilled foods and semi-finished items makes it possible to increase the number of courses offered, without complicating the organization of production.



During the last years the bakery field has undergone deep transformations due to the increased use of the refrigeration technology. The need of reducing night-shifts, manpower, overtime hours and most of all of offering end users a wider and wider choice of products, are among the main reasons why cooling technologies have become an essential tool in all modern bakery laboratories. The continuous process of market’s feedback, as an answer to the needs of bakers, has allowed, allows and will allow Glacier, to project retarder provers, blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets and water chillers with technological state of the art.


A modern confectionery shop cannot avoid taking advantage of blast freezing techniques. The need of reducing night-shifts, manpower, overtime hours and most of all of offering end users a wider choice of products, are among the main reasons why cooling technologies have become an essential tool in all modern pastry laboratories. The retarder proofers, blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets allow to organize and rationalize production in the laboratories, using the most modern technologies.


The refrigeration technologies are indispensable tools for chefs, since they give them the opportunity of planning and organizing their activity in advance, offering customers a full and varied menu, fast and efficient service, with total respect for the fragrance and freshness of food. The main advantage, besides the increased food safety (HACCP), is the reorganization of kitchen work by eliminating work peaks and the useless everyday repetition of the same preparations, for a more efficient and effective working environment. The wide range of blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets allow to satisfy every dimensional needs of the chefs.

Ice Cream

The creaminess of ice-cream mainly depends on the presence of micro air-bubbles and micro ice-crystals. In order to maintain these special features, ice-cream must be shock frozen as soon as it leaves the whisker. This operation, besides contributing to the formation of micro ice-crystals, allows the formation of a thin surface barrier that prevents both product “flattening” and air emission. The outcome is a creamy, soft ice cream, ready to be served or stored. Glacier blast freezers have a special shock freezing function for ice cream.


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